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Enameled Cast Iron Saucepan, 82SP1995HL

Enameled Cast Iron Saucepan, 82SP1995HL

Cast Iron saucepan absorbs heat evenly and spreads it gently while cooking. Porcelain enamel allows for fast easy clean up. Porcelain enameled Cast Iron Pans works with all heat sources.

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Cast Iron Saucepan With Lid
Item No.: 82SP1995HL
Body material: genuine cast iron
Coating: porcelain enamel interior and exterior
Handle: cast iron
Diameter: 19cm
Height: 9.5cm
Packing: each in box, then in carton

Cast iron construction provides even heating and superior heat retention
Colorful porcelain enamel surface means no pre-seasoning is required
Ideal for a multitude of uses from oven to table
Vibrant and durable enamel exterior adds a splash of color to your kitchen
Solid, high quality cast iron body
Pouring lips to assist in the easy and clean removal of liquids