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1.25 L Tetsubin Japness style cast iron black hobnail teapot

1.25 L Tetsubin Japness style cast iron black hobnail teapot

This classic black teapot is made from sturdy iron. The body is cast with hobnail design, removable stainless steel tea filter included. Cast Ironware heats evenly and retains heat well and is praised worldwide for their beauty, strength, and superb quality.

More details

Most sizes of cast iron teapots are comes with a stainless steel mesh infuser for brewing tea. If using the pot to boil water, the infuser should be removed before doing so. The pot has been decorated with a hobnail design in traditional black. Before using to brew tea, boil a pot of water and pour it out to prepare the pot for use.

After each use, make sure that the pot is clean and dry to prevent the formation of rust. Tea should not be left in the pot overnight. In the unlikely event of rust, the pot can still be used. After cleaning the area with a soft brush, boil used teabags or tealeaves. The tannic acid from the tea will react naturally with the iron producing a coating over the area. Store your pot in a cool, dry place or put it on display. These cast iron teapots and kettles have a flat base suitable for Range style Cookers.

1.25 L Tetsubin Japness style cast iron black hobnail teapot
Item No.: TPDD125
Capacity: 1.25L
Product weight: 1.9kgs
Cast Iron lid and handle
Interior: porcelain enamel coating with stainless steel wire filter inside
Exterior: matt baked enamel with nailhead design 
Packing: each in a box, then in carton