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Anodized aluminum nonstick saucepan, 5213

Anodized aluminum nonstick saucepan, 5213

Create perfectly simmering dishes, everything from soups and sauces to puddings and gravies with ease! With its smooth nonstick surface and even heat distribution throughout the pan, this saucepan will help you create perfect sauces, soups or chilis every time. Foods cook evenly on the nonstick surface, which eliminates sticking and makes cleanup quick and easy.

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Anodized aluminum that has been given a special finish to protect it from corrosion. It is a good conductor of heat and the special finish makes it stick-resistant. It is a good choice of material to look for in pots and pans for most any type of cooking.

Non-stick surface makse cleanup easy and promotes low-fat and non-fat cooking
Hard-Anodized exterior will not chip or crack
Rounded bottom for easy scraping
Stainless steel handle encased in soft silicone rubber provide a secure grip even when you're wearing oven mitts
Sparking glass cover gives a clear view of how food is cooking

Aluminum Non-stick Saucepan, 5213
Item No.: 5213
Body material: aluminum
Thickness: 1.8-4mm
Size: 16/18/20/22cm
Interior: non-stick coating
Exterior: hard anodized finish
Handle: stainless steel handle encased in silicone rubber
Packing: in box, then in carton