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3 liter potjie pots

3 liter potjie pots

This pre-seasoned cast iron potjiet cook pot includes well-fitted lid and carrying handle. The round shape allows the heat to flow evenly around the sides and maintain liquids at the lowest point to keep food from burning. The lid has a deep lip for holding hot coals.

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Item No.: HXCIPP001
Product size: 19 x 21cm (diameter x height)
Capacity: 3 liter
Packing size: 20 x 20 x 23cm

The 3 legs and round belly shape allows even heat distribution around the pot.
Maintains the liquids at the lowest point to prevent the food from burning.
Domed lid allows for optimal internal heat circulation.
The tall legs make it ideal for cooking directly over fire/coals or gas burner.
It is great for cooking winter stews, bread, seafood chowders, pork rinds, pitch fork BBQ etc, and also just as handy when camping in summer and those beach holidays.