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Home > How to brew tea in Cast Iron Teapot?

Chinese Cast Iron Teapot are perhaps the most familiar variety today and are ideal for brewing more than one cup of tea or tea that you will not consume immediately. The iron retains heat significantly better than some other teapot materials. This means your tea will stay hotter for longer than tea made in a ceramic pot, for example. How to brew tea in Cast Iron Teapot?


Fill your Cast Iron Teapot with hot water. This will warm the teapot and allow it to keep the tea hot rather than cooling it off. Leave the hot water in the cast-iron teapot for now.


Fill the tea kettle with enough water to make your desired amount of tea, and bring it to a boil on the stove. Just before the water boils, pour the water out of the cast-iron teapot and put the tea into the teapot. You may either add loose tea directly to a teapot, use a teabag, or put loose tea into a diffuser. Use approximately 1 heaping tsp. per 8 oz. water.


Pour the almost boiling (for green tea) or just boiling (for black or herbal tea) water from the tea kettle into the teapot.


Steep the tea for approximately two to three minutes for green tea, three to five minutes for black tea, and at least five minutes for herbal teas. Check the instructions that came with the tea you are using for specific and precise steeping times.


Pour the tea through a strainer if you added loose tea directly to the Cast Iron Teapot. Otherwise, pour the tea directly into your teacup or mug. Fine selections of teawww.tea-antwerp.be Looking for fine quality tea? Directly from farm land to market.