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Home > How to clean the bottom of Carbon Steel Cookware?

Carbon Steel Cookware is fast replacing traditional cookware made of light stainless-steel and iron, as they have been identified through scientific research as a more salubrious and efficacious cooking medium than their substitutes. A joint research study for evaluating Carbon Steel Cookware, conducted by the Bradley University home-science student- faculty team showed that high quality Carbon Steel Cookware produced cooking results with higher rated tastes and lesser percentage contraction losses than non-stick pans used on electric-stove-tops. This cookware also was found to be the best option for cooking on induction stove-tops. As for how to clean the bottom of stainless steel pots, you need a cleaner that can cut through the layers of carbon and return the pot to a "like-new" state



Turn the pot over so the bottom is facing up.


Wipe the bottom of the Carbon Steel Cookware with a clean rag or shop towel to remove any loose dust and dirt.


Sprinkle a non-abrasive cleanser on to the bottom of the Carbon Steel Cookware. Coat the entire bottom of the pot. Wear latex gloves to protect your hands.


Stand over a sink and pour 1 cup of white vinegar onto a clean rag or shop towel. Wring out excess vinegar.


Scrub the bottom of the Carbon Steel Cookware with the vinegar-soaked rag or shop towel until all of the buildup is broken up. For stubborn buildup on the bottom of the pot, use a plastic bristle scrub brush to break up the grime. Re-sprinkle cleanser if needed.


Fill a sink with soapy water.


Place the stainless steel pot in the soapy water and clean the pot's inside, outside and bottom.


Rinse the stainless steel pot with warm water from the sink.


Dry the Carbon Steel Cookware with a clean dry rag or shop towel.