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Enamel cookware is generally safe, except for some of the ingredients used in the glaze. Sometimes these substances will leak into the food when cooking. Canada has stricter rules for Enamel Cookware than the United States. This means that Canada requires that enamel cookware with lead or cadmium say so on the label. Consumers should inquire before purchasing cookware about safety and look for warning labels for cadmium or lead. Reading customer reviews on websites for cookware that is not labeled gives good information on the specific enamel cookware products you are buying.


There are two type of Enamel Cookware. The first is enamel on steel and the second enamel on cast iron. The glaze is usually applied to the metal. It is a non-stick and non-reactive coating on top of the metal pan that is shiny and easy to clean. It keeps the metal from leaching into your food when cooking. Enamel cookware is approved by the FDA and considered safe in the United States. The amount of lead leached into food from some pots does not exceed the FDA standards in the U.S . In the 1970s, high levels were found in enamel cookware made overseas, so the FDA stopped the importing of these products. Today enamel cookware sold in the United States meets the FDA standard for acceptable levels of lead and cadmium. Lead was found in crock pots but was in the low acceptable range. Overall, the use of lead and cadmium has been discontinued in the United States, so most enamel cookware is safe.

As you know the types of Enamel Cookware , what kinds of Enamel Cookware you should choose, you should your actual situation