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Home > How to Repair Cast Iron Teapot

When cast iron breaks, the first thing that comes to mind for most people is to weld it back together. Although welding is and option that can work, a much better option for fixing a Cast Iron Teapot is brazing. Brazing is a more durable solution due to the fact that the heating process is not as harsh as welding is on the cast iron. The good news is, if you can weld, you most definitely will be able to braze effectively and fix your cast iron tea pot.


Select a filler brazing material. Nickel is used most commonly for brazing cast iron, but stainless steel and brass filler can also be used.


Grind the edges of the surface that you want to repair. Remove any oxides, coatings or other impurities from the pot with the grinder. After the grinding process is finished, dust the surface with a stainless steel brush to remove dust.


Heat the Cast Iron Teapot. With a grill or an oven, heat the tea pot up. Apply flux to the tea pot.

Using paste or powder flux, cover all of the areas you want to repair (braze).


Heat the brazing surface with a torch. Heat the surfaces that you wish to braze with a blow torch until the surfaces begin to glow.


Apply filler rod. Fill the areas that you want to repair with the filler that you selected in step one. The iron will be hot enough at this point that the filler will flow just like solder.


Allow the crack or break to cool. After brazing, the pot must be left to cool slowly. Place the Cast Iron Teapot should be placed in a container full of sand. Leave the pot to cool for two to three days