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Just as the right blend of tea leaves can make a perfect cup, the pot you make it in can have a bearing on its flavor too. There are many types of tea pots available for use from glass, to clay, to stainless steel, to Cast Iron Teapot. While many people don't really know what difference the pot makes, the tea connoisseur will definitely be able to tell you. It is all about the material it's made out of. It is the pot that makes the most flavorful, full-bodied tea. Guess what. It is the cast iron teapot.


The brewing Cast Iron Teapot are made out of excellent craftsmanship and have been in existence for over 400 years. They are also known to be used by the royal family such as emperors and are very common with tea connoisseurs, artists and scholars. When they were being used at first they did not have a sprout or a handle but with times this things were added to make them more effective. They were also originally made for boiling water but it was also discovered that they were actually very good for making tea. Because of the way in which they are made, one would mistake them for a decorative item rather than something that can be used.


You need to take good care of these brewing Cast Iron Teapot so that they can serve you for a long time without any problem. For instance you are not supposed to use soap to clean them as you are only supposed to rinse it using warm water. If you have not used it for long you are supposed to do this several times so that you get rid of any dust or coating that it many have. This will ensure that you make high quality tea which is fit for human consumption.