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Enamel is basically a layer of paint which is painted on to ceramic, steel, metal or glass ware. It is very hard wearing and is not affected by heat. It is therefore ideal for using in the kitchen, including putting it in the oven.


It has been widely used as a coating for pots and pans for many years now. Apart from withstanding the heat, Enamel Cookware also stops rusting if used on cast iron goods. In the past, before the use of enamel, great care had to be taken of these utensils. Cast iron is excellent for retaining the heat and the coating of vitreous glaze which is non stick, is easy to clean and can also be decorative.


There used to be a problem with the glaze flaking off but technology has moved fast and the manufacturers now offer very long guarantees against that happening if the product is used properly.


If chipping does occur however, it is not the end of the world as underneath is usually cast iron which is what really makes it cook so well. It just does not look as nice.


Most of the leading kitchen utensil manufacturers now provide an Enamel Cookware range. In particular Le Creusot have a great selection of skillets, casserole dishes and saucepan sets. These all have a cast iron base with an enameled surface.


Tefal tend to concentrate on non-stick items and have a number of frying pans and saute pans including a very popular frying pan which Jamie Oliver recommends.


Prestige supply a number of items for use in the oven such as an oven roaster, a baking tray and a number of grill pans.


On a slight tangent you can also get a lot of other kitchen items in enamel such as tea pots and kettles as well as a lot of crockery where the enamel is often used in a more decorative manner.


By now you should be able to appreciate the value of Enamel Cookware and we wish you good luck in searching for what you want.