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A few years ago, buying ‘green’ cookware meant jumping on the fashion bandwagon and picking up a set of kiwi-colored Le Creuset. Now the selling point is all about the environmental warm and fuzzies, with a sense of personal well-being thrown in.

Unlike other industries, where the word ‘green’ carries many different meanings, cookware manufacturers use a specific definition that puts aside the whole global warming thing and concentrates on health – which makes sense since we are

Of course, Consumer Reports also heated up both new and used cookware made with PFOA, collected air samples and found very little PFOA in them. Beck says that consumers don’t realize that PFOA is removed when the pots and pans are being made, “like the alcohol in Bananas

Foster is all burned-off before you eat it,” she explains. “Research showed that consumers didn’t make that distinction, so we listened.” The EarthPan is a fantastic product, ranked number one, she says, but like many green pieces of cookware it doesn’t hold up to the durability of Meyer’s popular Circulon line of non-stick pans. “The best green product is not going to be up to the performance of our higher-end non-stick cookware.” Consumers must have realistic expectations, advises Beck.

While all three lines from Denmark’s Scanpan are PFOA-free, Scanpan’s Brand Manager Chris Peasley says 'green' isn’t part of their marketing. “How ‘green’ can a pan actually be given the chemicals used in manufacturing,” he asks. Pans are not, he points out, things you can compost. “‘Green’ is overused and misinterpreted. All of our cookware such as Aluminum Cookware and Carbon Steel Cookware is made from top-grade recycled aluminum and stainless steel. All of our packaging is made from recycled materials. We’re PFOA-free. Does that make us 'green'? I guess it depends on what ‘green’ means to you.”