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Maybe many people are confused about how to clean the Carbon Steel Cookware. You don’t know how to clean, so does the friends around you. If you still confused about this question, now I hope this article can help you in some extend.

How should you do and what materiel and which tool do you need when you wash the cookware. The follow will give you some details.

 Ideally, you should clean all your stainless steel on a regular basis, with one or more of these four techniques, to avoid discoloration and to keep your stainless steel looking its best.

For daily cleaning you should follow these tips:

After cooking, wipe out the pan with hot water and a soft sponge. Only use soap or a scouring pad if there is a stubborn stain. Always remember to dry Carbon Steel Cookware immediately to prevent rust, and then rub the cooking surfaces with a little cooking oil dabbed on a paper towel.

What you need to prepare is the cloth and water.

For slightly more resilient stains, warm or hot soapy water will usually get the job done, and is considered a relatively risk-free way to clean your stainless steel cookware. Fill a bowl with warm or hot water, add ½ to an ounce of mild generic dish washing soap, and mix thoroughly. Use a sponge or rough washcloth soaked in the soapy water to gently clean the surfaces of your stainless steel. The tools you need are soap and water.

For those impossible-to-get-out stains or scratches on your cookware, use an official stainless steel cleaning product. Read the directions carefully and apply to a minimal, inconspicuous area first before attempting a full-utensil cleaning. Be warned: these products can be toxic if not properly applied or cleaned off after use, so be sure to read and follow the instructions extremely carefully.

This time you should need the carbon steel cookware cleaner to wash it.

Fingerprints - Glass Cleaner

Your stainless Carbon Steel Cookware has been scrubbed clean of food residue and discoloration, but your hands have left fingerprints all over it. What to do? Use a generic glass cleaner and soft paper towels to gently wipe away fingerprints from the handles or shiny surfaces of your stainless steel. Be sure to hold the utensil so as not to re-smudge it with new fingerprints during the cleaning. If possible, wear clean kitchen gloves. You can use glass cleaner to clean it.

After these tips, you will know how to clean the carbon steel cookware. Hope you can protect your cookware well.