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Nowadays, many people use cast iron cookware. But why so many people use it? Surely because because there are many advantages of using cast iron cookware. Following will list them one by one.

Firstly, it is non-toxic. And the enamel coating makes cleaning easier and you do not have to perform the re-seasoning that you must continue to do for the uncoated cast iron. Also, unlike traditional cast iron, the enamel coating is a non-reactive surface so you can cook tomatoes, add vinegar and other acidic ingredients without worry and if nothing else the enamel coated cookware will not rust.

Secondly, it has excellent heat retention. Cast iron has the ability to hold to and sustain very high temperatures. These are important capabilities when frying or searing.

Thirdly, it has exceptional heat distribution and retention which makes it ideal for braised dishes as well as stews that cook for extended periods of time. Cast iron cookware develops a non-stick surface so they are ideal for a wide range of dishes such as eggs, lasagna, cornbread and pineapple upside-down cakes.

Another highly-touted benefit of cast iron cookware is its capacity to increase the dietary source of iron. This works best when cooking food with elevated acid. An example would be tomato based sauces and other foods that require repeated stirring. Iron is important because it carries oxygen by way of the bloodstream from the lungs to the rest of the body. Low iron can cause fatigue and even headaches.

Finnaly, reason why this is the best cast iron cookware on the market today is that it is usually available in a variety of color choices for today's design-conscious kitchen. You can take this stylish enamel cookware right from the stove or oven and directly to the kitchen table or dining room because it is a great show piece, unlike traditional cast iron cookware which has a more rustic appearance to it.

Cast iron cookware has been an essential for cooks around the world. Its ability to withstand and maintain heat is unparalleled. There are many brands and styles available to fit a cook's or baker's needs. Bare cast iron cookware offers added dietary iron. Enameled cookware offers a wide assortment of colors from which to choose. With so many benefits, cast iron cookware is an ideal choice.

With so many benefits, why not choose cast iron cookware.