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Since 1980s, just 30 years of development time, the cookware industry has become a sunrising industry in our country. At the same time, kitchen cookware enters a rapid growth to maturity from the qualitative stage.

As we all know, China is a populous country, The number of Chinese people reaches to 1.3 billion. While the kitchen market utensils are necessary for daily use as a family, thus, the cast iron cookware market space is very large. In recent years, China kitchenware market has a rate of 35% sales rise.

What’s more, China kitchenware industry also have some new trends In recent years:

The development of information technology has brought opportunities and challenges for cookware companies. Speaking from the opportunities information technology can help optimize processes, reduce administrative costs, get the edge in the competition. Those who can not use information technology to improve business processes evident in the competition at a disadvantage.

Product mix to the artistic, fashion, environmental protection, energy-efficient direction of evolution. Low added value products to continue to withstand the impact of the domestic industry and a deeper level of competition.

Changes in distribution channels brewing. As in recent years, the rise of home appliance chain industry, it became the household appliances industry, the important sales channel, but home appliances chain into higher costs and operating costs, manufacturers have been seeking other ways, such as building materials into the city and the whole kitchen exhibition hall.

Future kitchen will be more intense competition, the industry to re-shuffle of the stage. However, most enterprises are small, difficult situation. Huge profits to some large enterprises have a beachhead kitchen appliance market, the competition rapidly across the country to upgrade. In particular, many multinational cast iron cookware companies will bring technology, brand and marketing advantages of a comeback, intensified competition to domestic kitchen.

With China's rapid economic development, the housing needs of urban residents in major changes in the relevant industries, including kitchenware industry in creating a greater stimulus. Meanwhile, the vast rural market will also be developed. Coupled with the demand for urban upgrading, kitchen demand will remain steady momentum of growth.