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If properly cared for ,Cast Iron Cookware can stand the test of time, but many people don't know the few simple steps needed to wash, dry, and store cast iron cookware.

Don't over scrub. Over scrubing cast iron cookware removes the healthy coating it has developed. Of course sometimes a piece of cast iron cookware will need to scrubbed. Follow the last step to reseason if you must scrub the cookware.

Wash in hot water Hot water is more effective at washing off dirt and grease from your cast iron cookware. Hot water also will dry more quickly, preventing your cast iron cookware from rusting.

Be wary of acidic foods. Acidic foods can spell damage for cast iron cookware. The acidic will dissolve the seasoning of the pan and create a metalic taste on your food. Don't use cast iron cookware to store foods.


Dry over heat. Turn a stovetop burner on and place the cast iron cookware on it. The heat will cause the pan to thoroughly dry. Be careful when touching the hot pan.


Take care of rust. Store your Cast Iron Cookware with the lids off to prevent condensation and rust. If despite your best efforts, rust does appear. Try washing the pan with shortening. In some cases you may have to scrub and reseason a pan.


Reseason the cast iron cookware. Rub a thin layer of shortening or cooking oil into your cast iron cookware to season it, keeping it from deteriorating and rusting. Then place the cast iron cookware into a warm oven that is off and allow it to sit there overnight.


These are the steps that help you care for your Cast Iron Cookware.