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In the FAQ column, many people often ask these questions, what’s the best cast iron cookware. In fact, there are two kinds of cast iron cookware made that you can consider—bare cast iron and enamel cast iron cookware. People today prefer to use enamel Cast Iron Cookware for cooking and leave their bare cast-iron to age transform (eventually) into antique cast-iron cookware.

Many believe that enamel cast iron cookware can leech more iron into food than bare cast-iron cookware. Another main point about enamel cast iron cookware that you must always keep in mind is that it is about the most expensive cookware on the face of the planet. The process of making the Enamel Cookware is a lot more complicated than making many other kinds of cookware. Soap and water will ruin cast iron cookware, turning it incurably rusty.

Enamel cast iron cookware doesn’t rust as easily as bare cast-iron cookware does, and is easier to clean. There are those who also believe that enamel cast iron cookware is healthier than bare-cast iron. Enamel Cast Iron Cookware is basically bare-cast iron cookware with a protective glaze of vitreous enamel (also called porcelain enamel).

Before you ever use your cast iron cookware, you need to be sure it’s correctly seasoned. If you receive cast iron cookware that is currently being used as cookware and has already been seasoned, then you can skip seasoning for now. It can’t hurt to at least be familiar with seasoning cast iron cookware.