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Home > Is Cast Iron Cookware really a healthy risk?

I’m sure that most of people have known Cast Iron Cookware and also they have used it. But recently, there is a rumor, cast iron cookware can leak particles of iron into food. A lot of people have turned away from cast iron cookware in fear that they may be getting iron forced into their system through the meals they fix. People freak out when they hear that metal is being put in their food and quickly buy the first glass pan they can find. You’d probably like me to say next that this is all a lie and that cast iron leaks nothing at all…but then I’d be lying to you.

In fact, our body need some amount of iron to help produce red blood cells which your body uses to transport oxygen. A lot of people have iron deficiencies, so cooking with cast iron can actually help their bodies function better, not worse. Women who are about to enter menopause may find this quite helpful as their diets usually don’t contain enough of the iron they need. Overall, a little bit of metal may not be that bad.

Of course, when the amount of iron reach a certain amount, it may be hurt to our body. Too much iron can increase a person’s risk of heart disease, increased aging, or even cancer. People who eat a lot of red meat, dried fruit, nuts, or greens may already have a sufficient amount of iron in their bodies. Anyone who has been diagnosed or may be diagnosed with iron overload disease they should probably avoid cast iron cookware or use it only in moderation.

From the above , we can get the result easily, For some it can be great, but for others it can be quite dangerous. So why use Cast Iron Cookware at all? It’s better to be safe than sorry, right? Though this may be true, by eliminating cast iron from your kitchen, you are missing out on some of the most durable and everlasting cookware on the market. Investing in a good cast iron pan is sometimes pricey, but they last forever.