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As we all know, some kinds of food are not proper to be cooked in certain cookware. If you don’t pay attention to that, it will not be the scientific use. Otherwise, not only useless but could be harmful. Thus, to choose a proper cookware for different food is necessary. Now I will introduce that some food are not proper to be cooked at these cookware.

First, avoid Cast Iron Cookware to cook green beans. Becaise bean contains tannin, in case of iron under high temperature conditions will generate a black iron tannins make black bean soup, with special odor, not only affect the appetite, taste, and but also harmful.
Second, avoid Carbon Steel Cookware or iron pot boil medicine. Due to a variety of traditional Chinese medicine contains alkaloids and a variety of biochemical substances, especially in the heated condition, stainless steel or iron with the multi-chemical reaction, or to make medicines ineffective, or even produce some toxicity (when more complex).

Third . Ji Yong Sheng are not proper to be cooked at Aluminum Cookware. Aluminum pot is out of kitchen utensils. Because of its poor corrosion resistance, case of weak base, weak acid, salt and other substances will react chemically to produce specific compounds, so dishes, wine, monosodium glutamate, etc. should not be packed in aluminum containers overnight. Eggs should not be there in the aluminum pan and stir, because the egg white will become gray and white aluminum face, the yolk becomes green. Leftovers, soup, etc. should not be left in the aluminum container overnight.

Fourth, avoiding various color porcelain seasoning. Best dressed glassware for ingredients. Benzene and other pathogens, color porcelain, lead, carcinogens. With the aging and decay of porcelain color, pattern paint the "radon" in food, pollution, harmful.