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Home > Some taboos that you should pay attention to in using kitchen utensils

With the development of society, more and more people pay attention to their living environment. They care for their environments, room design, living appliance, room furniture, wall surface decoration, kitchen utensils and so on. What’s more, more and more people are paying attention to more minor areas, for example, choose a suitable home environment tableware, good quality Cast Iron Cookware and other restaurant design to complement each other; at the same time they want to bring the master's identity, status, occupation, hobbies, aesthetic taste and lifestyle. A form of beautiful and elegant tableware technology can also adjust the mood when people eat to increase appetite. However, to note that the functions of life, all kinds of kitchen utensils, different functions, should be the scientific use. Otherwise, not only useless but could be harmful.

First, avoid Cast Iron Cookware to cook green beans. Becaise bean contains tannin, in case of iron under high temperature conditions will generate a black iron tannins make black bean soup, with special odor, not only affect the appetite, taste, and but also harmful.
Second, avoid Carbon Steel Cookware or iron pot boil medicine. Due to a variety of traditional Chinese medicine contains alkaloids and a variety of biochemical substances, especially in the heated condition, stainless steel or iron with the multi-chemical reaction, or to make medicines ineffective, or even produce some toxicity (when more complex).

Thus, when you choose different cookware to make things, first you should pay attention their functions and at the same time see whether this kind food can be cooked at this type cookware. Once you look out for these, you will have a good living habit.