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Expo began in 1851 in London organized by the Great Exhibition. That time, China is still far beyond the world, and in the West view, China has only a very distant, blurred images. The first World Exposition panorama, real live record at the time of the grand occasion. The upper half of the Painting, there is a small plaque on the clearly marked "CHINA" words under the plaque picture Cast Iron Cookware galleries of the exhibition scene in China. Chinese ceramics in the British attempt to take the manipulated, the first Expo debut, and since then, the Chinese Ceramic Expo has played an important role.
In 1873, the Fifth World Expo held in Vienna on the Danube. China exhibition hall, a variety of fine ceramics caused a strong public interest in the West, but the Chinese delegation to the exhibition of these ceramics are not Asian faces, all foreign employees of the Chinese Customs. This "is representative of" the wonders of the number of sessions at the Expo after repeated and continued until the early 20th century.
1904 St. Louis World's Fair, the Chinese government for the first time in an official form of the official rate of business people attended the Expo. Exhibits mainly ceramics, Bakeware, jade, Enamel Cookware, silk and so on. Panama, 1915 World Expo in San Francisco, when he was Minister of Agriculture and Commerce, Zhang Jian, holding study abroad, develop the industry's attitude, well organized, active preparation. Exhibit I. The China Medal 1218, of which Shanghai "Gede and" pottery was gold awards.
Expo will be more than a century, from a display of artwork and traditional crafts-based, has evolved into a meta-science and technology and industrial technology exhibition.  Recalling the origin, gray horizontal Cuiwei.,more than a century, not the original ceramic pottery, China is not the China of that time.