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Home > The resource-exhausted cities Jingdezhen are facing an economic transformation

It’s well-known that Jingdezhen has been included in the State Council's second list of resource-exhausted cities. The world-famous porcelain is facing a transformation, and it tries to depletion of the crisis from the mining containing opportunities, and resource-exhausted cities in the country, fostering a successful "turn around" typical.
During an interview in Jingdezhen our reporters found that Jingdezhen has now found a direction: Mining ceramic culture, improving Aluminum Cookware products, reducing the cost of raw materials fixed proportion of the product. Jingdezhen City Mayor Li Fang said: "Jingdezhen will create great value with innovative, creative and cultural industries to seize the high ground ceramics." At the same time, Jingdezhen owned enterprises reform and the transformation of traditional industries to upgrade, to employment, housing and other livelihood issues task together with the urban transformation, so that people throughout the city can share the results of transformation.

Jingdezhen taken as the birthplace of one of the oldest industries and the important industrial Enamel Cookware base in Jiangxi Province is a typical resource-based cities. Last year the State Council announced the second batch of national resource-exhausted cities list, which ranked Jingdezhen. As a porcelain up the city's resources city, when this situation, Jingdezhen how to continue, "the Millennium porcelain" in history? How to turn around to find a new impetus to the development? The streets along the porcelain capital's neighborhoods that began to search for the answer.

As the oldest and one of industry's hair samples, Jingdezhen porcelain in China has been the gathering centers and industrial workers, a higher degree of industrialization, corporate workers, particularly the large number of ceramic industry workers. But since the end of the century, the local 10 ceramic Enterprises, some not meet the market demand for Bakeware ceramic enterprises are eliminated, resulting in a large number of workers laid off, employment, reemployment, a lot of pressure.
On the other hand, with the depletion of mineral resources and national policies related to the implementation of other reasons, to a large number of clay minerals and clay minerals as main raw materials of enterprise bankruptcy, shut down, and porcelain supporting the processing, manufacturing porcelain factory has been generally in the cut-off or semi-shutdown state.