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Home is the place we spend most of our time and it plays a role as our castle and fortress from the outside world. Here ,it’s the place of rest and respite where we read, rest and relax. Recharge for the work ahead. Raise our children, enjoy family and friends. Sometimes the home becomes the meeting place for all sorts of gatherings and events.

Cookware is considered as one of the more important items in the kitchen. You use the right cookware for the right type of cooking. It makes kitchen procedures easier and more organized.

There are many kinds of cooking utensils, each serving different specified functions, to make cooking easy and more enjoyable. Different kinds of cookware are made from different kinds of materials, showcasing different uses. Always consider the appropriate utensil to use.

Types of Pots
* Stainless Carbon Steel Cookware: Stainless Carbon Steel Cookware is non-reactive with food, easy to clean, affordable and looks new after many uses.
However, stainless steel has poor heat conductivity so these pots are best if they have an inner core of aluminum or copper.

* Cast Iron: Cast Iron Cookware is good for a dish that starts on the top of the stove and ends up inside the oven; it is oven safe. Cast Iron absorbs heat slowly but retains it longer; good for slow pan frying or searing.
Never put your cast iron in the dishwasher. Keep pan clean and oiled or it can rust. Not a good pan for those with arthritis in their hands because it is very heavy.

* Aluminum: These are lightweight and conduct heat well. However, as Aluminum Cookware can be toxic the pan should be coated with stainless steel or anodized (treated to become non-reactive).
Because of possible link between Alzheimer's and aluminum, avoid cooking or storing food for long periods in aluminum. Leafy vegetables and acidic foods absorb aluminum so they should not be cooked in these pots.