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October 8, SAIC has recently released a number of well-known recognized trademarks, and four selected trademarks are Foshan City Branch of the Cast Iron Cookware ceramic, ceramic Baxter, XH 3A coating Aluminum Cookware.

The SAIC announced a total of 296 well-known identified trademarks. Among them, Foshan, the new four well-known trademarks, distribution of ceramic, aluminum and paint, and other traditional strong industries. Gaoming also Yinbeisite Ceramics Co., Ltd. of the "Baxter" trademark finalists to achieve zero breakthrough in the area known trademarks in China.

SAIC Trademark Office in trademark management identified 217 cases of well-known trademarks, the published list of 120 serial Ceramics Co., Ltd. Guangdong Branch of the "Golden Section trademark" ceramic tile category 19 category was identified as well-known trademarks in China. Ceramics Co., Ltd. Guangdong Branch of the first town in China Nanzhuang HE Feng Ceramic Industrial Zone, is specialized in producing polished tiles of large enterprises.

Foshan Gaoming Best Ceramics Co., Ltd. was established in 1999, since the Best Ceramic Industrial Park, located in the base Cangjiang clever first production line began to fire since the Baxter ceramics have come a tenth year.

The declaration of the work of well-known trademarks in China has lasted 3 years. Informed by well-known Enamel Cookware trademarks in China audit,

Special ceramic Marketing Manager Huang Chenzi in a media telephone interview is still irrepressible joy, he said: This is the course of development of Baxter is another important milestone.

In 2010, Baxter will be based on the situation Carbon Steel Cookware ceramics, focusing on three areas to develop four markets, and will continue running costs, publicity offensive. In addition, Baxter will make ceramic market more affordable, more fit consumer demand for new products, and upgrade internal management.