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Cast iron cookware has been here almost a decade now and it has created the popularity among the consumers all across the globe. Because of its high quality and durability it gains a lot of good feedbacks not only from ordinary people as well as the top chefs. There are different types of Cast Iron Cookware in the market today. Basic or traditional and of course the most popular one; the enameled cast iron cookware. All throughout the years a lot of manufacturers and makers have been produced cast iron.

Cast iron is comparatively inexpensive, conducts heat evenly and once heated, keeps it for a long time. Such cookware is good for deep-frying and slow cooking. The main problem is that it rusts, stains and becomes pitted when exposed to air, moisture and certain foods. Do not wash Cast Iron Cookware in soapy water, instead try wiping clean with a paper towel. To prevent rusting, remove any excess moisture from the surface and coat with oil before storing.

Stainless steel Cast Iron Cookware is also excellent for browning and easy to clean. I prefer it to aluminum, even the hard anodized Aluminum Cookware, because stainless steel doesn't leach toxic aluminum into the food when I cook with acids such as wine, vinegar, citrus or tomatoes. Deglazing a pan with one of these ingredients brings up the browned bits in the bottom of the pan, which adds delicious flavor. Any water-based liquid will deglaze the pan, including stock, broth, milk or water. Often in recipes, you see the words "nonreactive" with regard to pans, which includes stainless, glass or ceramic finishes. These don't react with acids in marinades and sauces.