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Cooking with cast iron is certainly nothing new. For many families, particularly those who hail from the South, a Cast Iron Cookware skillet is considered one of the most necessary and versatile items in a kitchen. After all, a well-seasoned pan is nonstick, distributes the heat evenly and can just as easily be used to prepare cornbread as dinner. Plus, with its all-metal makeup, it can go from stovetop to oven in the blink of a cook's eye.

Enameled Cast Iron Cookware is the best seller in the marketplace for the reason that it is already seasoned and easy to maintain. Seasoning cast iron is needed especially on traditional because it helps the surface of the pan and oil tied to creates non stick, However if you bought cast iron with enamel coating you don't need to necessary season it as it is already been. Nevertheless you still need to properly take care of it so you can use them longer. Cat iron is known for its durability that is why it has been used for a decade now. In order to achieve this you need to know how to clean and maintain the cast iron. Cast iron that you can see in the flea market is non pre-seasoned yet so you need to know how to prepare this seasoning. First you need to remove and clean the cast iron from dust. Wipe it with a small amount of lard or oil after you dry it, keep in mind that you need to apply only thin layer of oil. What’s more, Cast Iron Cookware is comparatively inexpensive, conducts heat evenly and once heated, keeps it for a long time.