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Aluminum cookware was introduced and approved by the FDA in 1960. Although some people are leery of Aluminum Cookware it still has benefits that shouldn't go unnoticed. Among its benefits are an incorporated corrosion inhibitor. A layer of aluminum oxide is eventually made by the inhibitor. The aluminum oxide also makes the cookware non-stick. Manufacturers of cookware have been able to enhance this natural method through strengthening the oxide layers. This strengthening process produces anodized aluminum, a favorite in pans among professional cooks. Another benefit is there is no worry over a reaction with acidic foods.

The use of aluminum in cookware is also controversial. Several reports have inferred that aluminum from cookware leaches into food, and this leaching contributes to Alzheimer's disease. Overall, the amount of aluminum that is absorbed from cookware in a day is very low, less than the amount that would be absorbed from the amount in an antacid tablet. Other studies dispute the correlation between cookware and high aluminum levels in the brain.

An option in Aluminum Cookware that has been deemed safer is anodized aluminum cookware. Anodized aluminum cookware has undergone a process to make its outer surface both less reactive to alkaline and acid foods, as well as harder to provide greater scratch resistance. However, during long, slow cooking processes, the changes in food taste and color associated with aluminum cookware can still occur.

Lastly, anodized, or hard anodized, Aluminum Cookware which is the top of the line and what I would recommend. Hard anodizing is an electro-chemical process that increases the natural oxide film in aluminum. This process also gives the aluminum a hard non oxidizing finish which is nonstick and scratch resistant. It does not react with salty or acidic foods. The surface also becomes harder than steel. You can probably imagine how durable this is. The way to tell if you have hard anodized aluminum cookware is that the pans turn a dark gray after the anodizing process.