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Among the extensive range of cookware available, it is the ones that are made of aluminum, Cast Iron Cookware and stainless steel that are cost effect as compared to the rest. Also, cookware made of these materials facilitate easy cooking since they conduct heat well, thereby reducing the cooking time. Though there are cookware made of Bakeware and brass being sold, they are not as popular as the ones made of steel, aluminum and cast iron because of the impact they have on the health. Ingesting copper and brass regularly over a long period of time can be risky and hence most people avoid using cookware made of these materials.

Aluminum is a soft metal that is prone to scratching, and also warps easily at high heats. A major drawback to aluminum is that it is a reactive material. This means that it will react with acidic foods such as citrus and tomatoes, and also with alkaline foods such as cabbage and asparagus. The reaction causes foods to have an off, metallic taste, and also causes color changes in the foods, making them appear an unattractive grey shade.

Finally, anodized or hard anodized Aluminum Cookware is the top and this is the kind which I advise that you buy. Hard anodizing results from an electro-chemical procedure which enhances the natural oxide film found in aluminum. In addition, this procedure results in the aluminum having a hard, non-oxidizing finish that doesn’t stick and is resistant to scratching. There be no reaction between the aluminum and the salty or acidic foods. And the surface achieves a hardness greater than that of steel. It isn’t difficult to understand the durability which the aluminum then has. This type is the best of the three. Hard anodized aluminum cookware can be identified by the dark gray color it assumes due to the anodizing procedure. This kind of aluminum cookware is the most costly of all types, but it is well worth the money. Food won t stick, it is simple to clean and it is light weight. This kind of aluminum cookware is in the class of stainless steel, cast iron and copper cookware.