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Tea drinking has become the new healthful and restorative beverage available commercially as it embraced popularity because of the healthy benefits. Similar to what it gives as compared to another beverage that is also brewed and that is coffee. Below are the lists of tea accessories that may be owned by a tea drinker to help in his tea preparation.

1,Cast iron teapots--- choose the right size of Cast Iron Teapot that will do you a big favor especially in your daily cup of tea sessions. Getting a great tea depends on the perfect temperature of tea you will make so if you think that you can only consume one mug of tea then get a smaller Cast Iron Teapot that may be perfect for a single serving. Too large teapots may allow air to come in thus affecting the aroma, flavor and temperature of the tea. Reheated tea or tea that is kept in thermos does not taste as good as tea that has just infused in recently boiled water.

2, A good storage container---storing your tea in the right place and the right container will help a lot in maintaining its freshness or shortening its expiration. Containers that are airtight may be considered the best proper container and this should be placed away from direct sunlight. In this regard, jars and containers with glass lids that are clear or transparent are not good as containers. Room temperature is the perfect temperature when storing tea. Remember, not in too hot or too cold places such as freezer. When properly stored, tea can be preserved for 6 months with its leaf still fresh for brewing and good for infusion.

3, superb kettle--- a good Cast Iron Teapot kettle that may boil water is best for your tea preparation as it has been known that boiling water or water that has just boiled brings out the best aroma and flavor of any tea. An electric kettle with an automatic shut and whistle may be advantageous especially for busy people.

4, Lastly, timer or a stopwatch could just help you with the infusion process or steeping. Though seconds won't really hurt your tea, the right approximation of steeping time depending on the size of your loose leaf could definitely affect the taste of your tea. Remember smaller leaves have longer steeping time than those of larger leaves.