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Now, many people are asking the questions about cooking with Carbon Steel Cookware. Why does my food stick? What temperature should I cook at? If you have never used Carbon Steel Cookware, that's understandable. When we are comparing ways to cook, SS is an entirely different medium. High quality stainless steel cookware is a sandwich of SS inside and out, with either an aluminum or copper core. This core is what allows the heat to spread out quickly and evenly throughout the cookware. Another advantage, is heat retention, multi-layer stainless steel cookware will be heavier and will hold the heat longer. The pans will also contact the stoves heating elements fully, so you have no loss of heat transfer.

Now to the first question, it is a little harder to answer. In Carbon Steel Cookware, food will always stick at first, but if you let it cook without moving it around, the food, especially meat, will sear. When this happens, a thin caramelized crust will form, this crust will actually release the food from your pan. How do you get the food to that point? You have to preheat the pans. To test the temperature, tap the top of the pan with the palm of your hand, if it's warm, OK, if it's hot, pull the pan off the heat to let it cool a bit. Now that you have achieved the best temperature, you can add a little oil to your pan, just enough to get light layer, or butter if you prefer.

The second question is that what temperature do I cook at? With Carbon Steel Cookware you will want to cook at low to med heat, and you will need to preheat your pans. Never cook on high heat, even if you need to boil, start on med and slowly raise the temp. until you get a boil. I've read to many articles that state," Just cook it on high." Resist the temptation.