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Home > How to Season Cast Iron Cookware Without an Oven

Cast Iron Cookware is a favorite of many chefs. Before using a new cast iron pot or pan, it must be seasoned. Seasoning protects the cookware from rust and creates a nonstick surface. Usually, seasoning is done in an oven. However, if you can also season it on the stove.



Wash the cast iron pot or pan in hot water.



Dry it thoroughly with the dish towel.



Cover the inside of the Cast Iron Cookware with lard or bacon grease. Use enough to coat the entire inside surface. Don't worry about using too much grease. You will drain it off later. Do not use vegetable oil. It doesn't work and makes the cookware sticky.



Place the cookware on the stove and heat on high for 20 minutes.



Drain off the extra grease, and allow the Cast Iron Cookware to cool.



Repeat Steps 3, 4 and 5 two more times. Use as much grease or lard as you need each time to coat the inside surface.